Proposed law would help with removal of disruptive campers

Betty Little

May 28, 2015

The State Senate today approved legislation sponsored by Senator Betty Little that would aid campgrounds acting to remove disruptive guests.  Little said the law would bring campgrounds in line with what hotels and motels are able to do when a guest becomes disruptive.

“This change would make it clearer for campgrounds, law enforcement and the courts,” said Little.  “Campgrounds currently have to go through an eviction process, which doesn’t make sense.

“Camping is a wonderful vacation especially important to our North Country economy.   A bad actor or two can ruin the experience for others, which fortunately doesn’t happen often.  In the event it does, campgrounds need to know what they legally can do, or can’t do, something current law does not address.”

Little said the legislation (S.1342) would  add a new section to the Real Property Law to define campgrounds and campground owner and provide for the removal of persons from a campground who, among other things, creates a disturbance or violates a law.  The proposed law also would provide for the return of pre-paid fees and the disposal of property belonging of persons who are removed from a campground or abandon property on a campground.

A person remaining on the campground could be guilty of trespass and removed by law enforcement.

Companion legislation is sponsored by Assemblyman Steve Englebright of Long Island.  The Campground Owners of New York (CONY) supports the bill.