Reaction to State Comptroller DiNapoli’s Audit of Bridges

Betty Little

January 12, 2010


     “Anyone in Albany who has a doubt about the importance of making bridge repair a priority this year should visit the businesses and families affected by the closure in Crown Point.  Or try adding a self-imposed two hour detour to their daily commute for a week or two to get a glimpse of what it means to lose something as vital as a bridge in their community.  

     “As we anticipate the executive budget presentation next week, Comptroller DiNapoli’s report should serve as a timely clarion call to all legislators about the need to fund the five-year capital bridge and highway plan.  This isn’t a problem that fixes itself but will continue to worsen and become more costly to address over time.

     “I would take the recommendations of DiNapoli’s audit one step further and say the state should be required to work on an emergency plan to address a bridge closure crisis.  There should be a threshold based on the bridge’s rating.  I think that would take the matter to a new level, not only in terms of constructively trying to be prepared, but really raising a red flag about what’s at stake if a serious problem is not addressed.”