Senate Approves Bill to Streamline Liquor License Renewals

Betty Little

June 13, 2011


The State Senate today approved legislation sponsored by Senator Betty Little that would streamline the process for renewing liquor licenses.

The bill, S. 4161, would eliminate a requirement for most on-premise licensees that they notify the municipality where the premises is located of an intent to file a liquor license renewal.  This would eliminate paperwork and a 30-day waiting period many view as unnecessary given the fact that there are rarely any objections to renewals.

Municipalities are often asked to waive the 30-day waiting period, causing them to allocate time and resources to respond to the requests.  The legislation would create a savings for them as well.

“Over the past few years, under the leadership of Chairman Dennis Rosen, the State Liquor Authority has improved tremendously.  It is much more efficient and business friendly,” said Little.  “This legislation would help them operate even more efficiently.  Rather than tracking a 30-day process, they can put resources into other areas where oversight is needed.”

In addition the bill includes provisions specific to New York City and makes some technical changes to clarify existing law.  A companion bill is sponsored by Assemblyman Jonathan Bing of Manhattan’s East Side.