Senator Betty Little attends SolarNovar Open House in Plattsburgh

Betty Little

September 16, 2009

 State Senator Betty Little, along with Assemblywoman Janet Duprey and a large crowd of  political, business and civic leaders, attended an open house in Plattsburgh on Tuesday, September 15 to see a locally conceived, designed and produced product that maximizes the ability of solar panels to capture sunlight and generate clean energy.

Triangle Electric in Plattsburgh created SolarNovar, a new solar company that has designed a tracker system that moves solar panels throughout the day at regular intervals to ensure optimum sun exposure.

SolarNovar has put in the R&D, tested prototypes, and can offer maximization of any PV panel (beyond industry standard) by a minimum of 50 percent. Making more kilowatt  hours with 50 percent fewer solar panels. The key is making power with less real estate - less panels.

With the intuitive SolarNovar dual axis sun tracker, the most rugged Northern climates can be the perfect region for harnessing the sun's energy - producing electricity, providing a high-tech communications infrastructure, and/or hot water - from sunrise to sunset.

The system, as a single unit, or combined to create a solar energy park, can be monitored remotely. It anticipates winds over 100 miles an hour, heavy rains and even snowfall and "parks" itself at the appropriate angle to weather any storm or in anticipation of lawn care (sprinklers or mowing crews).

All units, whether hosting 16, 20, 24 or 30 panels, are shipped from this Upstate New York plant "plug-and-play".

The company's clients range from economic development entities, FEMA providers, airports, businesses, and homeowners.

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