State budget includes big boost for local road and bridge repair

Betty Little

March 25, 2013

          State Senator Betty Little said the new state budget will provide a big financial boost for repairing local roads and bridges.  Funding will increase $75 million for CHIPS, which stands for Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program.  CHIPS funding has remained flat the past five years.  The increase brings CHIPS funding for the 2013-14 fiscal year to a little more than $438 million.

          “Local highway superintendents were here in Albany earlier this month.  They filled the conference room and made their case,” said Senator Betty Little.  “After five years of frozen aid, this is a big boost and much needed given the increased cost of fuel and asphalt.  We all depend on safe roads and bridges.  Every community benefits from this type of funding.”

          Little said roughly 87 percent of roads and half of the bridges in New York State are owned by local governments.

          Funding increases for all municipalities within and including the six counties represented by Little are: Clinton, $874,778.55, 23.24 percent; Essex, $723,448.01, 23.82 percent; Franklin, $785,747.03, 24.34 percent; St. Lawrence, $1,798,304.13, 24 percent; Warren, $677,979.70, 22.96 percent; and, Washington, $900,708.65, 23.97 percent.  The statewide average is 20.66 percent.

          The Senate approved the transportation bill Monday and is scheduled to take up the remaining six budget bills Tuesday night into Wednesday.