Statement by Senator Betty Little

Betty Little

January 16, 2013

“The vast majority of constituents who called and emailed my office did so in opposition to the proposed gun control measures.  I think we should have taken more time to consider the impact of the legislation on those who have been and would continue to be lawful in their ownership and use of firearms.

“There are a lot of good measures in the bill.  Making sure people with mental health illness, who may pose a threat to themselves or others, receive the treatment they need is not only important in light of the recent tragedies but is good public policy and I was pleased to see that included in the bill.

“Increased penalties for the illegal use of guns goes after the real root of the problem.  Illegal guns account for 70 percent of gun crimes, so I was pleased to see a focus on strengthening those laws.

“This is a complex issue and people are passionate about it.  I respect the differing points of view and feel that more time would have been helpful in understanding the impact on those who hunt, target shoot, collectors or those who have a firearm for personal protection.”