Statement by Senator Betty Little -- Budget Approved

Betty Little

March 30, 2012

            “It’s good to complete a budget on-time for a second consecutive year and also do so in daylight.  The new budget continues to reorient New York State government, putting it on a much more sustainable financial trajectory.  The budget does not increase taxes, restrains spending and focuses on the issue important to most New Yorkers – job creation.  Although the economy is steadily improving, revenue growth is slow and this budget reflects that reality.

“Working with the governor we were able to make some important changes, including increasing high-needs school aid, restoring funding for the EPIC program to help seniors afford their prescriptions and providing additional assistance for community colleges.  There is also new funding to fix roads and bridges, dams and other flood control facilities.  That’s good for the North Country given the need to address long-neglected infrastructure while spurring local job growth and economic activity.”