Senator Perkins Announces Launch of “Jobs Express” Website to Assist Unemployed New Yorkers Find Work

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Senator Perkins Announces Launch of “Jobs Express” Website to
Assist Unemployed New Yorkers Find Work

Senator Bill Perkins (D- Manhattan) is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative
new website designed to provide New Yorkers with adequate resources to find employment.  This website takes thousands of jobs listed throughout the New York State Jobs Bank and sorts them by region to help job seekers evaluate what positions are available in their area.

“The people of my district are hard-workers, but they need job opportunities here at home to
show what they can do,” said Senator Perkins. “With the economy still struggling to improve, it
is crucial for the unemployed to have all possible resources available to not only find immediate
employment, but to find long term careers.”

The Jobs Express website features easy-to-use drop-down menus that display useful information
for job seekers all on one, concise page. The site also includes videos that offer advice to
job seekers and an electronic job-matching tool known as "Skills Matching and Referral
Technology" (SMART), which generates job leads from resumes. The Labor Department will
update the job listings on a daily basis.

Currently, the New York State Job Bank has 42,370 job openings, including 22,684 in New York

"This website will save job seekers time and aggravation in a process that can be a long and painful one. Creating such an innovative and useful tool to put New Yorkers back to work is a step in the right direction for Governor Cuomo and New York State,” Senator Perkins concluded.

For further employment resources, there are 88 public One-Stop Career Centers across New
York – including one at 215 West 125th Street – where job seekers can go for additional free

To find the closest Career Center to you, check out
workforcenypartners/osview.asp and

For job listing in New York City, please visit

For more information about services offered by New York State for job seekers,