Senator Bill Weber’s Initial Response to the Governor’s Budget Announcement

Governor Kathy Hochul announced a budget plan that will tax and spend. While I have just begun reviewing her proposed budget, what immediately shocked me was a proposal to raise the metropolitan commuter transportation mobility tax to accumulate a whopping eight hundred million dollars for the failing MTA. According to the Daily News, “Hochul’s plan would see companies in the MTA’s service area, including the five boroughs, Long Island and parts of the Hudson Valley, tax 0.5% of employee wages, an increase over the current 0.34% levy.”

The MTA being referred to as an ATM is no longer said in jest; it is becoming increasingly clear that the Governor intends to make it a reality. I also have and will continue raising the alarm regarding congestion pricing being unfair to residents of my district who can’t get a one-seat ride to the city or reliable service from the MTA.  

As the ranking member of New York State Senate’s Budget & Revenue Committee and one of just two certified public accountants in the state legislature, I will examine the proposed budget with a fine-tooth comb.  

Added taxes and ever-growing government are why people leave New York for other states. Trust that my Republican colleagues and I will do everything possible to whittle away at this gigantic spending plan so New Yorkers can afford to remain in New York.