Hoylman Applauds Governor Cuomo’s Progressive Agenda, Calls For Passage Of Stalled Progressive Legislation In The New York State Senate

Hoylman is the prime sponsor of a suite of bills that would accomplish the Governor's progressive priorities laid out in the 2018 State of the State.

ALBANY, NY – State Senator Brad Hoylman (D/WF-Manhattan) released the following statement applauding Governor Cuomo’s call today for a progressive agenda during the 2018 State of the State and putting forth his priorities for the upcoming session. Senator Hoylman is the prime sponsor of a suite of bills that would accomplish the Governor's priorities, including reformation of secretive sexual harassment settlements, measures to keep firearms from domestic abusers, protection of transgender individuals, efforts to fight climate change, and passage of the Child Victims Act.

“In the era of Trump, New York is confronted with unprecedented challenges that threaten our health and wellbeing. As Governor Cuomo pointed out, New Yorkers deserve and demand a strong, progressive agenda that will alleviate these problems and improve their lives. Whether it’s the #MeToo movement, gun violence, climate change, protection for transgender individuals, or public corruption the Governor has laid down the gauntlet and I and my colleagues under Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins are ready to work with him to act.”

Senator Hoylman is the prime sponsor of the following bills that would accomplish many of the progressive goals laid out by the Governor in today's State of the State:


  • S.7196 would require legislators to reimburse New York State for any public funds used to pay financial settlements in cases of sexual harassment.
  • S.6382 would prohibit employers from requiring employees to waive their substantive and procedural rights in connection with claims of discrimination, retaliation or harassment.


Government Reform

  • S.0025 would restrict lawmakers' outside income to 15% of their legislative salary and ban moonlighting for certain types of professions involving a fiduciary duty, like attorneys, physicians, or investment brokers.
  • S.0088 would ban campaign funds from being used for attorney’s fees for defending public officials and their family members in criminal or civil proceedings. S.0124 would outlaw the practice of kickbacks and self-dealing by making it a felony for public officials to knowingly and secretly steer public funds or business to institutions or organizations in order to benefit themselves, their family members, or a person with whom the public official has a financial relationship.


Gun Violence

  • S.67 would authorize law enforcement to remove firearms found on premises where there has been a report of domestic violence.


LGBT Rights

  • S.7010, known as the Gender Expression Nondiscrimination Act (GENDA), would prohibit discrimination against transgender New Yorkers for housing, employment, credit and public accommodations, while expanding New York’s hate crimes law to include crimes against transgender individuals.


Climate Change

  • S.5647 would require SUNY, CUNY and affiliated organizations and foundations to divest from publicly traded fossil fuel companies.
  • S98A would implement a comprehensive ban on the use or disposal of hydrofracking waste throughout the state.


Child Victims Act

  • S809, known as the Child Victims Act, would eliminate the criminal and civil statutes of limitations prospectively and create a one-year retroactive window for revived civil suits for survivors whose claims have expired.