Hoylman & Gottfried: Trump’s Bigoted “Religious Freedom” Division Cannot Stand; New York must pass GENDA this year

State Senator Brad Hoylman (D/WF-Manhattan) and Assembly Member Richard N. Gottfried (D/WF-Manhattan), prime sponsors of the Gender Expression Nondiscrimination Act (GENDA) (S. 7010/A.03358), released the following statement today condemning the Trump Administration's new office within the Department of Health and Human Services devoted to so-called “conscience and religious freedom” in healthcare.

Senator Brad Hoylman, the only openly LGBT member of the NYS Senate said: “Donald Trump’s latest outrage is yet another license to discriminate against LGBT people under the guise of religious freedom. This is more proof why New York can’t wait another year to pass GENDA, which would protect transgender New Yorkers by codifying their rights to healthcare. Every year the State Senate blocks GENDA is another year we enable the most bigoted and hateful president in history. The Senate must bring GENDA to the floor for a vote. The health and wellbeing of New Yorkers depend on it.”

Assembly Member Richard N. Gottfried, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Health, said, “Health care providers have a duty to offer treatment to all their patients regardless of their sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.  The Trump administration’s move today represents an attempt to provide government protection for discrimination against some patients.  Passing GENDA will give transgender individuals the full protection of our Human Rights Law that other groups have in New York.”

GENDA would prohibit discrimination against transgender New Yorkers in health care, housing, employment, credit, public accommodations and other areas, and expand New York’s hate crimes law to include crimes against transgender individuals.