Hoylman: Senate's Inaction on Bump Stock Ban Endangers New Yorkers

Brad Hoylman

October 01, 2018

Today Connecticut Becomes 3rd State to Ban Bump Stocks

NEW YORK, NY - Senator Brad Hoylman (D, WF-Manhattan), sponsor of legislation (S6902) to ban the sale and possession of bump stocks in New York state, issued the following statement in response to Connecticut’s ban on bump stocks, which goes into effect today.

Senator Hoylman said: "Today, Connecticut banned bump stocks, one year after the worst mass shooting in US history resulted in the slaughter of 58 people in Las Vegas. Since then, Massachusetts and Rhode Island banned bump stocks, too. 

A year after the Las Vegas massacre, Trump has failed to ban bump stocks, even though he pledged to do so.

While it's not a surprise that Trump didn't follow through on his promise, it's past time that the New York State Senate pass my bill (S6902) to close the loophole in our laws that allows individuals to continue to possess, sell or transport bump stocks within New York, endangering the lives of our residents. Since Republicans in Washington won't stand up the NRA, New York must do so on its own. There can be no lawful purpose to possess a firearm accessory like a bump stock that enables a single individual to unleash almost limitless carnage. It is time to close the New York bump stock loophole once and for all."