Hoylman Urges Up or Down Vote on Child Victims Act Following New Report Showing Number of Horace Mann Abuse Victims to be More than Double than Initially Reported

Hoylman: “Horace Mann Action Coalition report is ‘Exhibit A’ why we must act”

ALBANY - State Senator Brad Hoylman (D-Manhattan) said: "The Horace Mann Action Coalition report is ‘Exhibit A’ why the New York State Senate needs to pass the Child Victims Act (S63/A2872), which I sponsor. This issue clearly isn’t going away -- the number of alleged child sexual abuse victims at Horace Mann appear to be more double than initially reported by the Bronx district attorney.

“It’s appalling that because of New York’s archaic statutes of limitation, abusers can escape prosecution – just as 22 school employees did who allegedly preyed on students for thirty years at Horace Mann.

“Moreover, child sex abuse survivors deserve their day in court and we must expose the predators who abused them, many of whom may still have access to children. The Republican Majority in the Senate should honor my Motion for Committee Consideration and give the Child Victims Act an up or down vote."