Letter to MTA + Amtrak Requesting Seating at Moynihan Train Hall

February 3, 2022 

Mr. William J. Flynn 

Chief Executive Officer 


1 Massachusetts Ave., NW 

Washington, DC 20001 

Mr. Janno Lieber  

Chair and CEO  


2 Broadway  

New York, NY 10004-2207 

Dear Messrs. Flynn and Lieber:  

We congratulate you and your teams on the completion of Moynihan Train Hall. It is a  spectacular public space and a testament to all your efforts in serving transit riders.  However, to ensure everyone can enjoy this public good we request the installation of  additional seating. 

As the recently concluded holiday travel season clearly demonstrated, there is not  nearly sufficient public seating available at Moynihan. During the holidays, hundreds  of passengers were seen sitting on the floor, while scores of others roamed the station  looking for places to sit. This is not only a peak season concern as Moynihan serves tens  of thousands of passengers each day. The small waiting area for ticketed passengers is  not enough to meet the demand. We need seats in the main hall where most passengers  wait for their train. 

This problem goes beyond inconvenience. We are sure you agree that all New Yorkers,  especially older adults, people with disabilities, and adults traveling with young  children, deserve a clean, safe and comfortable place to wait for their train. As all transit agencies work to bring back ridership, making stations as accessible and welcoming as  possible should be top of mind. 

We know that there are several issues that must be weighed when considering the  installation of additional seating. We are aware that a number of unhoused individuals  frequent this neighborhood, which might cause some concerns. This is a valid issue that  should be addressed with services and outreach, instead of an exclusionary design plan that punishes transit users. Finally, we urge that these improvements be made in  consultation with law enforcement to ensure that counter-terrorism design is  incorporated. 

Thank you for your consideration of our request. We welcome the opportunity to speak  further with you about this important issue. Please contact Samuel Vasquez Martinez in  Senator Hoylman’s office at 212-633-8052 to discuss. 

Sincerely yours, 

Brad Hoylman, State Senator, 27th District 

Robert Jackson State Senator, 31st District 

Jerrold L. Nadler, Member of Congress

Mark Levine, Manhattan Borough President 

Richard Gottfried, Assembly Member, 75th District

Erik Bottcher, City Councilmember, 3rd District