NYS Senator Hoylman Voices Strong Support for Speed Camera Legislation

Brad Hoylman

March 19, 2013

New York, NY— Earlier this year, New York State Assembly Member Deborah Glick introduced legislation (A4327) to establish a demonstration program to enforce maximum speed limits by means of speed limit photo devices, or “speed cameras,” in New York City.  It has been reported that New York State Senator Andrew Lanza will be introducing companion legislation in the Senate. Speed cameras have been credited with reducing speeding and crash rates in cities throughout the nation, including a 40% reduction in collisions in Paradise Valley, AZ.  Police in Washington D.C. reported a 56% reduction in traffic fatalities after speed cameras were installed. According to NYS DMV, in 2011, the year for which the most recent data is available, there were 3,509 speed-related vehicular crashes in New York City, including 55 fatal incidents. The New York City Council recently passed a resolution supporting this legislation, which seeks speed cameras to augment traffic enforcement and improve safety for all road users.  The legislation would permit a pilot program of 20 to 40 cameras positioned where they are needed most: in intersections with high crash rates, near schools and senior centers and generally where the worst offenders go to speed.
Senator Hoylman said: “I’m proud to add my strong support to this long-overdue bipartisan legislation. The data is clear: Speed cameras save lives. They are a critical law enforcement tool, and we’ll never get to zero traffic deaths without them. As NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly recently noted, motorists know there will never be a sufficient number of police officers to catch everyone who violates the traffic laws. Without the deterrence of speed cameras, they will continue to play the lottery with law enforcement, and with the safety of other motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. We need speed cameras now.”