Senator Hoylman Condemns Gun Violence in Soho Nightclub

Brad Hoylman

September 12, 2013

New York, NY (September 12, 2013) – New York State Senator Brad Hoylman (D, WFP – Manhattan) released the following statement today regarding the shooting incident that took place early this morning in which four individuals were injured by a gunman who opened fire in the Sounds of Brazil nightclub at 204 Varick Street in SoHo. The establishment is located in Senator Hoylman’s district. The shooter remains at large and the gun has not been recovered, according to press reports.

“The shooting injuries of four people in SoHo today is a stark reminder of the enduring need to eradicate gun violence, which sadly has struck the West Side of Manhattan again. My thoughts are with the victims and their families.

We must do more to protect our communities from gun violence. Earlier this year, New York took a critical step to combat gun violence by enacting NY SAFE Act of 2013, which I was proud to support. Unfortunately, the SAFE Act does not include a provision requiring microstamping, a ballistic identification technology that allows police to link used cartridge cases recovered at crime scenes, like the SoHo nightclub, to the guns and individuals who used those guns in crimes.

As our community reels after yet another shooting incident on the West Side of Manhattan, I renew my call for the State to pass S.68/A.3244 (Peralta/Schimel), which would require any semiautomatic pistols manufactured or delivered to any licensed dealer in New York to be capable of microstamping ammunition.

The bill has the support of 100 Mayors and 83 police departments and law enforcement organizations throughout New York State. We must finally give law enforcement the best tools available to solve gun crimes like the one that happened early this morning in SoHo and get guns off our streets.”