Statement from Senator Hoylman on the Veto of Stop the Chop Act

State Senator Brad Hoylman said: “I’m extremely disappointed by the Governor’s veto of our Stop the Chop Act, the first major state legislative effort to address the ill-effects of helicopters. 

The noise, pollution and health impacts of tourist choppers is only growing for West Siders and across Manhattan. In fact, just yesterday, I released a report that found an average of 165 helicopters fly over Manhattan each weekend, nearly half of which originate from New Jersey. 

In the new legislative session in Albany, I plan to redouble my efforts to limit chopper flights over our communities. I will be introducing legislation to amend the Hudson River Park Act to close the West 30th Street heliport in the Hudson River Park.”

The Stop the Chop Act (S.7493A/A8473A) is the first major legislative effort at the state level to restrict non-essential helicopter flights flying over Manhattan by creating a novel nuisance cause of action for the Attorney General and aggrieved residents against noisy tourist helicopters.