Senator Benjamin Celebrates Removal of Hateful Statue

Brian A. Benjamin

January 12, 2018

Standing with community leaders in August, calling for the removal of the statue.

(New York, NY) - In response to the Monument Commission’s recommendation for moving the statue of J. Marion Sims, who performed non-consensual medical experiments on black women, from its present location in his district at 103rd and 5th, Senator Benjamin (Harlem - D) issued the following statement:

“I am glad that the Monument Commission has decided to remove this hateful symbol from Central Park and to replace it with a new work that better reflects the values of our community. Together with the plan to install a plaque with historical context, this will help us move towards a city that truly celebrates the many accomplishments of women and people of color, rather than one that glorifies a racist and sexist past. The community spoke with one voice on this issue, and they were heard.”