Senator Benjamin Honors UWS Hero with Liberty Medal

Brian A. Benjamin

August 22, 2018

When Bonnie Chapman opened her door to find her neighbor engulfed in flames in early July, she leapt into action to save her. The neighbor, who was the victim of a horrific attack, had been running down the hallway of the Frederick Douglass Houses building that she and Bonnie both lived in shouting for help when Bonnie’s quick actions saved her life. Ms. Chapman didn’t hesitate - she grabbed a sheet, wrapped it around her neighbor and got her to the ground to extinguish the flames, quite possible saving her life.

“This is what it truly means to be a neighbor,” said Senator Benjamin, “being ready to come to the aid of members of our community, even when it is not easy. We should all be so lucky to have a neighbor like Bonnie living alongside us, willing to put themselves at risk to ensure our safety.”

To honor her bravery and compassion, Senator Benjamin bestowed the New York State Senate’s highest honor on Bonnie, the Liberty Medal, an award which is bestowed on those who have gone to highest heights to serve their communities.

To learn more about Bonnie’s heroism, read coverage in the NY Daily News.