Senator Benjamin Stands Up For Survivors and Announces Passage of Child Victims Act

Brian A. Benjamin

January 29, 2019

(Harlem, NY) After years of Republican control blocking its passage, the Child Victims Act passed the State Senate yesterday with every single Senator voting in the affirmative. Senator Benjamin and the Senate Majority stands with survivors and are proud to give them the opportunity to receive justice.

“The passage of this bill is a huge step forward for the survivors of childhood sexual abuse, many of whom have worked bravely and tirelessly to make its passage a possibility,” said Senator Benjamin “I am so proud to be a part of the Democratic Majority that is delivering justice and hope to survivors, and to be a partner and neighbor to bill sponsors Senator Hoylman and Assemblymember Rosenthal”

The Child Victims Act will raise the criminal statute of limitations for several child sexual abuse crimes to age 28, and raise the civil statute of limitations for causes of action brought by someone seeking redress for physical, psychological or other injury caused by child sexual abuse to age 55. Additionally, this legislation will create a one-year window, starting six months from the effective date of the bill, for past survivors of child sexual abuse to initiate lawsuits against their abusers, and create parity in how regulations impact public and private institutions under these circumstances.

“New York stands with survivors, not with predators,” said Senator Benjamin. “To the advocates who made this possible: thank you. To the survivors: we believe you.”