Brentwood Recieves $2 Million Senate Grant for Downtown Revitalization

State Senator Brian X. Foley (D – Blue Point) was joined by Senate President Pro Tem Malcolm A. Smith, Assemblyman Phil Ramos, Islip Supervisor Phil Nolan, and local business owners to celebrate a major grant to help revitalize the Downtown Brentwood area.

The $2 million grant, secured through the state senate by Sen. Foley with the crucial support of Sen. Smith and Assemblyman Ramos, will help boost local businesses and create jobs. The funding will be used to help businesses with store-front façade improvements and make the surrounding area more appealing to visitors by funding general parking improvements and a tree planting program.  

“Investing in economic development in our downtowns, particularly Brentwood, is an important step towards stimulating the local economy and creating jobs right here in Suffolk County,” said Sen. Brian X. Foley. “I am proud to help secure this major funding because it will help small businesses and uplift our community in Brentwood and the surrounding areas. Together, we will strengthen Brentwood, and all of Suffolk County and build a stronger, more prosperous Long Island.”

The $2 million grant will be broken down into the following areas:

·         $1 million -  Façade improvements for store-fronts

·         $750,000 - General parking improvements

·         $250,000 – Tree planning program

“The $2 million grant to help businesses in Downtown Brentwood is an investment in our preset and our future,” said Senate President Pro Tem Malcolm A. Smith. “I congratulate Senator Foley for his hard work in securing in helping to secure this funding and for his commitment to economic development in Suffolk County. I have been particularly happy to support the allocation of this grant because I know that communities like Brentwood have historically been underrepresented and need the state’s support to turn the corner on this economic recession.”

“This investment will go a long way towards revitalizing downtown Brentwood by stimulating economic growth, encouraging job creation and providing support for local small businesses right here at home,” said Assemblyman Phil Ramos (D - Central Islip). “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. That is why I worked so hard with Senator Smith and Senator Foley to secure funding that will help our local economy grow and steer us back in the right direction.”

Business owners in the Downtown Brentwood area – around the intersection of Suffolk Avenue and Brentwood Road – will be able to receive assistance for façade improvements. The Town of Islip will serve as the fiscal conduit for the funding.  

“The Town of Islip is pleased to support this crucial project to help revitalize the Downtown Brentwood area,” said Supervisor Phil Nolan. “The $2 million grant, secured with the help of Senator Foley and Assemblyman Ramos, will benefit Brentwood and enable the implementation of proven economic development measures. Additionally, this project demonstrates the importance of different levels of government working together to support the communities we represent.”

“Our community in Brentwood has been devastated by this economic crisis. Programs to revitalize our downtown will create jobs and opportunities for Brentwood residents and business owners,” said Modest Romero, a business owner and President of the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce. “This $2 million revitalization grant will be a major boost to our community and help us build a better, stronger Brentwood.”