Sen. Foley Announces $2.8 Million Funding for Brookhaven Roadways

Brian X. Foley

June 08, 2009

Senator Foley and Brookhaven Highway Superintendent John Rouse work to deliver better roadways for Brookhaven residents

On the first day of paving season, Senator Brian X. Foley (D – Blue Point) and Brookhaven Highway Superintendent John Rouse announced major funding for Brookhaven roadways. Foley – a former Town of Brookhaven Supervisor – has been able to secure $2.8 million to maintain and improve roads in Brookhaven.

The funding has been secured through the New York State Department of Transportation’s CHIPS program; CHIPS stands for Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program. The program was started by the state legislature in 1982.

"The $2.8 million secured for Brookhaven is a major infusion of funding for the town," said Foley. "This money will help improve roadways throughout Brookhaven by increasing paving projects and cutting down on response time for repairs," said Foley, who has been dedicated to improving public works projects since his days as Chairman of the Suffolk County Legislature’s Public Works Committee.

"I am pleased to partner with Senator Foley in improving the quality of Brookhaven’s roadways," said Highway Superintendent John Rouse. "Every single resident in the Town of Brookhaven should be proud of this major investment in our town. Clearly, better roadways equal a better quality of life for all of our residents."

The $2.8 million is a substantial increase from the amount of the funding the Town of Brookhaven generally receives on annual basis (average highway aid for past three years is $1.9 million). The increase is particularly noteworthy given the grim economic times the state is facing.

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