Sen. Foley & Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Announce Major Funding for State-of-the-Art Breast Cancer Screening Unit

Brian X. Foley

January 26, 2010

Digital Mammography unit will make breast cancer screening quicker, less stressful, and more accurateState Senator Brian X. Foley (D – Blue Point) was joined by administrators and staff from the Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center to announce a major grant that has enabled the hospital to secure a full field digital mammography unit.

The mammography unit will allow Brookhaven to provide prompt, accurate, and thorough diagnosis for its patients. This cutting-edge technology will make breast cancer screenings more effective and convenient. Thanks to the digital mammography unit, imaging will be done within minutes. The professional operating the unit will be able to capture the image and make corrections immediately, making sure the screening is accurate, without the need for callbacks.

The end result will mean less anxiety for patients as they will now have access to a quicker, more accurate diagnosis.

“I am pleased to secure this major grant for state-of-the-art breast cancer screening right here in Suffolk County,” said Foley. “Women and families deserve the best care possible, especially when it comes to dealing with the high levels of breast cancer on Long Island. The digital mammography unit at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital will provide comprehensive, timely, and accurate service that will enhance our efforts to catch breast cancer in its earlier stages; a measure that has proven to save lives,” said Foley, who has worked on women’s health issues in Suffolk County throughout his career in public service, dating back to his tenure as Chairman of the Suffolk County Legislature’s Health Committee.

The $400,000 capital grant, secured by Foley, will cover the entire cost of the digital mammography unit.

“Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center is grateful to Senator Foley for assisting in securing the appropriation of this grant,” said Thomas Ockers, President and CEO of Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center. “Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center remains committed to using advance technology to provide quality healthcare for the people of this community.”

The new digital mammography unit will emit a smaller dose of radiation than older forms of imaging. In addition, it will record more uniform exposure and will be more sensitive to film; an important feature when screening women with dense breast tissue or breast implants.

“Breast cancer has devastated women and families throughout Long Island,” said Foley. “The digital mammography unit will be crucial step forward in protecting patients and combating breast cancer one accurate screening at a time.”

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