Sen. Foley & Community Leaders Celebrate Grand Opening of Brentwood State Park

Brian X. Foley

September 28, 2009

Sen. Brian X. Foley (D – Blue Point) was joined by community leaders and fellow elected officials at the Brentwood State Park’s official opening ceremony

“The Brentwood State Park  will be a state-of-the-art facility for children and families in Brentwood and the surrounding communities to enjoy,” said Foley. “Whether they’re playing soccer or baseball our youth will have access to a wonderful venue and an alternative to gangs and destructive behavior. The Brentwood State Park will truly be a facility we can all be proud of.”

The new 50-acre complex consists of eight new synthetic turf soccer fields varying in size to accommodate all divisions of age groups. There are two adult, one intermediate, three bantam and two junior fields. The complex has two new synthetic turf baseball fields. They are regulation size 90’ diamonds built for high school age and older players. Professional-styled field lighting on one soccer field and one baseball field allows for nighttime activity.

Included in Phase I is the construction of three new buildings, which include a new Maintenance facility that houses a concession stand and comfort restrooms. The Main building will also have comfort facilities and a concession stand. The baseball fields will have an Announcer’s booth, including a maintenance-storage facility and concession area. Two parking areas were constructed to accommodate up to 285 vehicles and an overflow area outside the park for an additional 50 more cars.

“Today, this park is taking shape as a premier recreational facility, where games will be played, skills will be honed and young people will be taught the valuable life lessons of competition and sportsmanship,” Commissioner Carol Ash said. “Not only will these new facilities greatly improve the park, they will improve the quality of life in the Brentwood community. It is particularly exciting to be a part of the effort to establish a park in a community that has traditionally been underserved by quality recreational facilities.”

“On behalf of our community, I would like to thank our devoted Senators, our Assemblyman, Commissioner Ash and her hard working staff, the Brentwood Athletic Complex Board and all those who have worked very hard together with us to get this project going and done. It is a delightful experience.  Today is a celebration for all the years our players, despite their great love for the game of soccer, felt unworthy because they had to endure the condition of these fields.  It is a new beginning for our children as we are way past the dream; we are here.  This beautiful complex will provide our players with the best opportunities to reach their potentials with pride and joy.  I applaud the efforts and commitment of all involved, and look forward to Phase II and making this Park the best one in the State,” said Violette Smith, President of the Brentwood Soccer Club.

Phase II, which is pending available state funding, would add two additional synthetic turf baseball fields and nine additional soccer fields, expand the parking lots to near double in size, and additional field lighting. Also planned is the addition to the Main building, creating office and meeting room space.

Over the past two years, Governor Paterson and the Legislature authorized nearly $200 million in capital improvement spending for New York’s 178 state parks and 35 historic sites. The infusion has enabled the state to begin addressing the estimated $650 million in capital needs of the parks system.

The 52-acre Brentwood State Park, which opened in 2003 after the land was transferred from the Pilgrim Psychiatric Center, attracts 100,000 patrons a year.

(Courtesy of  NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation)