Sen. Foley is Joined by Community Leaders in an Effort to Increase Participation in 2010 Census

Civic leaders and activists from local communities in Suffolk County joined Senator Brian X. Foley (D – Blue Point) as he called for increased participation in the U.S Census. The 2010 Census awareness event, which took place at the Brentwood Public Library, was centered around relaying the importance of Census participation and giving community members the tools necessary to educate their friends, family, and neighbors about the Census.  

“It is absolutely critical for our communities to fully participate in the 2010 Census,” said Sen. Foley. “Over $400 billion in federal funding is determined by the Census. Our hospitals, schools, roads, and neighborhoods simply cannot afford to lose out on that kind of substantial aid.” 

“Tool kits” designed to provide assistance to community leaders in spreading the word and increasing awareness about the Census were distributed to event participants. Information featured in the tool kits included sample language that can be used to email friends and family about the importance of the Census and suggestions about different tools that can be used to boost Census participation including engaging local media, utilizing social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, and sending text message reminders to contacts. 

Patricia Valle, Assistant Regional Manager for the  U.S Census, thanked Sen. Foley and community leaders for making the 2010 Census a top priority. “The Census is easy, safe, and extremely important,” said Valle. “I urge all residents to fill it out and be counted.” 

“Census participation is crucial for economic development in our community,” said Modesto Romero, president of the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce. “All of us must do our part in encouraging participation in the Census to ensure that our community gets the funding we deserve.” 

Additionally, the event was attended by Pat Prague, president of the Central Islip Chamber of Commerce; Lola Quesada, Suffolk County Police Dept. Community Liaison; Tom Tarantowicz, Director, Brentwood Public Library; Marry Reid, Trustee, Brentwood Public Library; Nancy Manfredonia, President, Central Islip Civic Council; and MaryAnn Pheiffer, Director, Youth Enrichment Services.