Sen. Foley Leads Community Effort to Clean up Graffiti in Brentwood

Joined by volunteers from all walks of life in Brentwood, State Senator Brian X. Foley led the effort to clean up graffiti from public and private property in the neighborhood. Senator Foley’s office worked with a local civic group, Brentwood Residents Against Violence Every Day (BRAVE), to organize the start of a concerted effort to rid the community of graffiti. 

“Graffiti is a serious form of vandalism that harms the quality of life in our community,” said Senator Foley. “I am pleased to work with BRAVE and volunteers from across Brentwood to take on graffiti and clean up our neighborhoods.” 

“Thanks to Senator Foley’s leadership and the hard work of volunteers from Brentwood, we not only cleaned up numerous graffiti locations, we unified our entire community along the way,” said Ruth Martinez, President of BRAVE.   

“Effectively eradicating graffiti requires the cooperation from the entire community,” said Senator Foley. “That’s exactly what we had as volunteers worked with homeowners to take back Brentwood. Of course, we can’t simply paint over this problem in one day. All of us must continue to work together to prevent another graffiti spree in our neighborhoods.”

 To help organize the event, Senator Foley’s office sent direct mailings into every household in Brentwood and compiled a database of graffiti locations. These locations were then shared with volunteers who signed up to help remove graffiti. In instances where the graffiti was to be removed from private property, the property owners signed consent forms allowing volunteers to get rid of graffiti.