Sen. Foley's Office Launches Collection Drive to Help Victims of Haiti Earthquake

Brian X. Foley

January 13, 2010


The Secretary of the Senate under the Leadership of Majority Conference Leader John L. Sampson, President Pro Tem Malcolm A. Smith, and Majority Leader Pedro Espada have convened a task-force to assist members’ offices with constituent based issues and concerns. The Haiti Assistance & Relief Taskforce (HART) is putting together a series initiatives including but not limited to, conference calls, clergy meetings, virtual webcasts and town-hall style meetings where constituents can have their questions answered by representatives from USAID, FEMA, the US State Department and other agencies and organizations that are partnering in the relief effort. This website is the Senate's online resource where you will find the most up to date info on our relief efforts.

Photo by mweriksson on flickr.

Today, State Senator Brian X. Foley (D – Blue Point) announced that his office will be working with Haitian American leaders from across Long Island to coordinate a major relief effort to help victims of the Haitian earthquake.

The earthquake, the biggest natural disaster Haiti has seen in over two hundred years, has resulted in the lost of thousands of lives and destroyed much of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. As New Yorkers, particularly members of the vibrant Haitian American community, work to  

Senator Foley’s office will be accepting the following supplies:

·         First aid kits

·         Water

·         Canned food

·         Diapers

·         Blankets

·         Hygiene products

Supplies can be brought to Senator Foley's office located at 250 Veterans Highway, Hauppauge, NY 11788. For more information contact Senator Foley at (631) 360-3365 or by email at

“The horrific images and stories coming out of Haiti have been truly tragic. The strong will and determination of the Haitian people is on display as they persevere through this catastrophe and fight to rebuild their lives,” said Foley. “I am grateful for the Haitian American community and all people of conscious for their generous contributions to the relief efforts underway. My office will work closely with leaders in the Haitian American community and relief organizations to secure supplies that are critical for aid and recovery.”

In addition to assisting with collection the drive, Foley is the sponsor of a resolution in the New York State Senate expressing solidarity with the Haitian people and the Haitian American community and commending those who are working on relief efforts. The resolution will be presented before the full senate body next week.