Senator Foley Hails MTA Exec's Resignation, Calls for him to Forgo Bonus Salary

Brian X. Foley

May 08, 2009

"I am pleased to learn of the resignation of Elliot Sander, who served the MTA as the agency’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Executive Director. The elimination of the CEO position is part of the larger process of streamlining the MTA’s operations and ending inefficiencies that waste tax payer dollars.

Given the MTA’s much publicized troubles, there was never any reason to have both a CEO and a Chairman position in the agency to begin with. In fact, redundant positions are just one factor in making the MTA the most mismanaged and inefficient agency in New York State, and maybe the country.

While Mr. Sander’s resignation is a good first step, clearly, more needs to be done. Additional redundant positions must be cut and contracts with consultant put to a thorough review.

Furthermore, we demand that Mr. Sander forgo the $350,000 bonus salary he is slated to collect in the coming year. At a time when the MTA is collecting billions of dollars in bailout money, it is unconscionable that the agency’s top executive would collect a bonus payment of $350,000 for a year he will not work.

The days of mismanagement and an utter lack of oversight over the MTA are over. The MTA has its bailout. The Senate will see to it that the agency cleans up its act and ends irresponsible practices that embrace dysfunction and waste tax payers’ hard earned money."

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