Senator Foley, Mayor Pontieri Announce Funding for Patchogue Village

Brian X. Foley

September 03, 2010

Senator Brian X. Foley (D – Blue Point) and Patchogue Village Mayor Paul Pontieri announced today that Patchogue Village will receive $1 million in capital money from the State of New York.

The funding, secured by Senator Foley, will be used to make improvements to the sewer pump station in the Village of Patchogue. In addition to being important for the village, the improvements to this station are critical to the expansion of the sewer system on Main Street in East Patchogue.

“Economic recovery begins on Main Street,” said Senator Foley. “The completion of the sewer project in East Patchogue will allow businesses to expand and expansion means new jobs for those in the local community. I am glad I have been able to provide funding for the village that will aid in this project.”

“East Patchogue is the gateway to Patchogue and we must do everything we can to help make it ,” said Mayor Pontieri. “This will allow the hookup of East Patchogue to the Patchogue Village sewer system to be completed so that businesses along Montauk Highway can continue to grow. The Village of Patchogue is excited to be part of this growth and we thank Senator Foley for helping to secure the funding.”

“Eight years ago Senator Foley, then Legislator Foley, put in place a plan to rebuild East Main Street, the Gate Way to Patchogue, through his early efforts that is now being done,” said Mayor Pontieri. “This $1,000,000 grant from NYS helps complete that dream. Without this money we would not be able to connect East Patchogue to our waste water treatment plant. This will lead to economic growth and restore it to its former glory.”

“I think we all need to thank Senator Foley for securing the last piece of this puzzle. This state funding to upgrade the sewer pump station is integral to the sewering now taking place along East Main Street. Once the lines go in, interested business owners can hook in to the sewer system and we can all watch the East Main Street corridor flourish,” said Legislator Jack Eddington.

“I have been working many years on this sewer project and thank Senator Foley for this important funding,” said Brookhaven Town Councilman Tim Mazzei. “This funding will enhance the project and allow the sewer lines to be pumped.”