2017 Legislative Questionnaire Results

1. Do you support Governor Cuomo’s free college tuition proposal for SUNY and CUNY schools in New York State?

Yes    41%

No    45%

Undecided  14%

2. Do you support raising the age of criminal responsibility in New York State from 16 to 18 years of age?

Yes    31%

No     57%

Undecided    14%

3. Do you support allowing the terminally ill to request life-ending medication from a physician?

Yes    76%

No     13%

Undecided  11%

4. Do you support the legalization of recreational marijuana?

Yes   41%

No    49%

Undecided   10%

5. Do you support term limits for New York State legislators and statewide officials?

Yes    81%

No     8%

Undecided   11%

6. Do you support the legalization of alcohol sales in movie theatres?

Yes    21%

No     70%

Undecided   9%

7. Do you support the plan to close the Indian Point Nuclear Power Facility?

Yes   43%

No     26%

Undecided    31%

8. Do you support the DREAM Act to help fund higher education for children of undocumented immigrants?

Yes   30%

No    58%

Undecided   12%

9. Do you support calls to make the protections guaranteed by Roe vs. Wade codified as state law in New York State?

Yes    65%

No     23%

Undecided   12%

10. Do you support early voting in New York State that would allow voting up to 12 days prior to election day?

Yes   55%

No     36%

Undecided   10%