Marcellino Calls Utility Bill Relief for Long Island

Senator Carl L. Marcellino (R, Syosset) today called for Long Island to be exempted from a Public Service Commission mandate that increases utility costs for homeowners, school districts, local municipalities and businesses.

“The utility surcharge will have a significant negative impact on our communities.  This across the board, multi-million financial burden benefits nuclear power generators located nowhere near our homes, businesses and schools.  It must be rolled back immediately,” said Senator Marcellino.

The New York Public Service Commission (PSC) approved the Clean Energy Standard, requiring that 50 percent of the state's power must come from clean and renewable sources of energy by 2030, including nuclear power.  The utility bill surcharge was included in the PSC adopted standard.

        “While we all agree that we need to reduce our Nation’s reliance on fossil fuels and promote clean energy, the Clean Energy Standard is placing a heavy load on our utility bills for little to no direct benefit to our neighborhoods.  Long Island must be exempted,” concluded Senator Marcellino.

Senator Marcellino sent a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo calling for Long Island’s exemption from the utility surcharge. A copy of the letter is available below.