Northport High School Senior Recognized as ‘Latino Student/athlete of the Year’

Carl L Marcellino

March 12, 2010

Student Awarded $2500 Scholarship; $1000 Donation Made to School’s Athletic Dept. At Event With Cablevision’s Power To Learn, Fox Sports En Español And Senator Carl Marcellino

 Northport, NY, March 12, 2010Joshua de Leon, a senior at Northport High School, has been named “Latino Student/Athlete of the Year” by Cablevision’s Power to Learn, Fox Sports en Español and TD Bank.  The “Latino Student/Athlete of the Year” program recognizes New York high school student athletes who have demonstrated achievement in the classroom and in their chosen sport.  Two students – one male and one female – are selected annually.

 At a ceremony at Northport High School today, Joshua was awarded a $2500 scholarship for his academic and athletic achievements.  Senator Carl Marcellino also recognized him for excellence in both academics and athletics.  A $1,000 donation was made to the Athletic Department at Northport High School as well.  Athletic Director Drew Cronin accepted the donation on behalf of the Athletic Department.

 Noted Senator Carl Marcellino, “First, I’d like to congratulate Joshua on receiving this honor. Today, he has made his family and the community proud.  I’d also like to recognize everyone involved for providing this opportunity to celebrate Latino youth and their achievements both in school and on the playing field.  Programs such as this enable students to embrace their heritage with pride.”

 A high achiever, Joshua excels in football, lacrosse and track (with two varsity letters in each).  While at Northport High School, he has been named Team Captain, Game Captain and Offensive MVP.  Joshua’s academic record is just as impressive.  An AP student, he was also named Student of the Month and has a GPA of 93.8.   He also manages to find time to volunteer at a resource center that helps immigrants with their day-to-day living and has donated his time to the Northport VA Hospital.  He also enjoys working with middle school students helping them transition to high school.  According to Joshua, he looks forward to becoming a lawyer so that he can continue “working with Hispanic immigrants and other people who need a voice.”

  Northport High School principal Irene McLaughlin also noted, “We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Joshua for all he has achieved.  While excelling both academically and athletically, he also finds the time to work with and care for others.  He is a true asset to our school and we are proud to call him one of our own.”

 “The Latino Student/Athlete of the Year is one more example of Cablevision’s ongoing commitment to learning in the communities we serve,” said Trent Anderson, Vice President of Education, Cablevision.  “Power to Learn continues to celebrate the accomplishments of young people in our area through a variety of programs and is proud to recognize successful students such as Joshua de Leon.”