Senator Marcellino and Assemblyman Lupinacci Announce $200,000 grant for South Huntington School District

Carl L Marcellino

November 28, 2017

Senator Carl L. Marcellino and Assemblyman Chad A. Lupinacci today announced that they procured a $200,000 grant for the South Huntington School District. The grant will fund capital improvements to the South Huntington School District Teen/HELP Center. This dynamic district school serves as an alternative education site, enabling the District to address the needs of students who might otherwise “fall between the cracks.” 

“As a former school teacher, administrator and school board member, I know that we have no greater responsibility than ensuring the best possible education for all of our students.  In the South Huntington School District Teen/Help Center the staff works to help students of all abilities and learning styles receive the academic, social and emotional support that they need to experience success,” said Senator Carl L. Marcellino

“The South Huntington School District is without question committed to the betterment of the students they educate and the community at-large. This $200,000 grant will be directed for the South Huntington School District Teen/Help Center, which plays an invaluable role in providing after-school opportunities for students, which contribute greatly to student growth,” said Lupinacci. “I applaud Superintendent Dave Bennardo, School Board President Nicholas Ciappetta, and Senator Carl Marcellino for their continued efforts in securing this grant and I am proud to bring this funding back home, to Huntington Station,” said Lupinacci.

The Teen/HELP Center utilizes small group traditional and nontraditional instruction to meet the needs of children struggling with social problems, discipline issues, health concerns and a range of disabilities. This nurturing alternative education facility has become a model of inclusivity resulting in a remarkable 89% graduation rate, exemplary Regents Exam performance and college attendant rates.

“South Huntington represents a true "cross section of America" and this grant will prove invaluable in our quest to educate all children and provide equal access and opportunity throughout our district. We embrace the rich tapestry that comprises our learning family and look forward to continuing our quest for academic excellence. We are incredibly appreciative of this advocacy and thank the Senator and Assemblymen for both recognizing and supporting the important work taking place in our learning community,” said South Huntington School District Superintendent David Bennardo