Senator Marcellino Supports Amendment to Restore Funds to Libraries, Non-Public Schools

Carl L Marcellino

April 01, 2009

State Senator Carl L. Marcellino (R-Syosset) announced his strong support of an amendment to budget legislation advanced by Senate Democrats that would restore the remaining cut to libraries proposed in the Governor’s Executive Budget, as well as the remaining cuts to non-public schools. “Today, more than ever, we need to support our libraries. As I talk to my libraries, I am repeatedly reminded how demand on their services are on the rise. Our libraries make our community a better place to live and we simply cannot live without their services. This amendment was the right thing to do and it is a shame it was defeated,” said Senator Marcellino. The amendment would have restored the remaining $7.4 million of an $18 million overall cut to our libraries and also would have restored the remaining $14 million of a $44 million cut proposed in the Governor’s Executive Budget on mandated services aid for non-public schools. “The non-public schools not only deserve this funding, they are truly owed this funding. These dollars would cover the mandated services these schools are required to carry out by State law. These schools are under stress and need our help. These funds could help prevent some schools from closing their doors. This burden must be lifted,” said Senator Marcellino. The Senate Democrats voted along party lines to defeat the amendment.