Support Senator Marcellino Legislation to Repeal New License Plate Fees

Carl L Marcellino

November 02, 2009

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Senator Carl L. Marcellino has introduced legislation, Senate Bill 6258, to repeal a new state mandate that will require every New Yorker to purchase a new license plate in April whether they need one or not, at a cost of $25 per vehicle.  The new plate requirement was included in the 2009-10 state budget that Senator Marcellino voted against.

“The people in my district are fed up with new taxes and are angry about being forced to pay $25 to replace a perfectly good license plate,” Senator Marcellino said.  “I have launched this online petition that will give people an opportunity to voice their opposition to this absurd plan and to support my legislation. I will take the petition results back to Albany and urge the legislature to pass my legislation immediately.”

While the license plate reissuance is executed administratively by the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Governor called for the new plates as part of his Executive Budget narrative and the corresponding fee increase was part of the 2009-10 adopted budget.

            The plan requires motorists to purchase new license plates over a two year period beginning April 1, 2010, as their registration comes due.  New plates will cost each vehicle owner an extra $25 and generate a total of $130 million in revenue for the state. The new plates are in addition to the increase in driver’s license and motor vehicle fees that took effect September 1, 2009.

           To support Senate Bill 6258 please click here