Additional Grant Funding From Senator Young Will Support The Livonia Public Library's Improvement Project

$100,000 in new funding will save taxpayers money, bring modern updates to the library

ALBANY – Already slated to undergo a major renovation and expansion, the Livonia Public Library received an added boost today when an additional $100,000 in funding was made available for the project.

Last August, Senator Catharine Young (R,C,I – 57th District) announced that she had secured a $250,000 capital grant that will be used toward a major expansion of the building and services. This week, Senator Young notified library and town officials that the project had been approved for an additional $100,000 to further ease the cost of renovations for area taxpayers.

Senator Young said, “When I visited the library last year it was undeniable how much the staff and volunteers love their work, and how the community treasures its library. Library officials have demonstrated not only crucial work that could be done with the funding, but also a clear and concise plan for growth. When I learned that the project was approved for an additional $100,000, I was thrilled because it will help ease the cost for the town taxpayers.”

“The Livonia Library has great historical and sentimental value, and it is a major gathering place for the community. These renovations and improvements will allow the library to continue to serve as a rich cultural center for the community for generations to come,” she said.

Frank Sykes, Director of the Livonia Public Library, said, “I first want to say how appreciative we all are that Senator Young was able to increase the SAM grant for the Livonia Public Library’s Improvement Project. She has been a champion for public libraries for years and we are thrilled to have her support! The library staff, trustees, town and village board members, and Livonia residents are extremely excited to see this community project come to fruition. With the planned renovation of the existing library and new expansion, the Livonia Public Library will become a true community, educational, and enrichment center. Library patrons and community organizations will soon have access to a large, technology-friendly meeting room, maker-space programs such as computer code writing for kids, 3D printing and robotics, and a quiet reading lounge, which is greatly lacking from the current library facility. Thank you again to Senator Young and her staff for all of the great work and dedication that was put in to securing this grant!”

The renovation and expansion project will add more than 5,000 square feet of new space to the library and includes extensive renovations to the existing facility. The project has a total estimated cost of about $2.1 million, with approximately $1.7 million being committed from the Town of Livonia, $350,000 committed from Senator Young, and another $100,000 raised through private donations from members of the community. The Village of Livonia will also provide some in-kind work for the project.

Under the renovation plans, a parking lot will be constructed, and the building will be brought into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Mechanical utilities will be replaced, including the HVAC system, plumbing, electrical and lighting. Walls and ceilings in the existing library structure will be repaired, new carpeting will be installed, and the historic entrance will be restored.

Built in 1927, the Livonia Public Library has served the community for nearly 90 years. With increasing demands for greater access to books, public programming, and modern resources like computers and high speed internet, the library has been developing the current renovation plan to meet the growing need. The library hopes to break ground on the project by early summer.

Video from Senator Young’s grant announcement press conference in August 2015 can be found at: