Livingston County Rifle Bill Becomes Law

For Release: Immediate, July 22, 2014 

Senator Young, Senator Gallivan, and Assemblyman Nojay Announce Authorization of Rifle Hunting in Livingston County

Senator Catharine M. Young (R,C,I-Olean), Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R,C,I-Elma), and Assemblyman Bill Nojay (R,I-Pittsford) announced the authorization of big game rifle hunting in Livingston County.

Beginning this November, Livingston County hunters will be able to hunt big game with a rifle after Senate Bill 5855B/Assembly Bill 9201A was signed into law today. Along with shotguns, handguns, bows, and muzzleloaders, rifles will now also be authorized for Livingston County big game hunting.

Livingston joins 40 other counties across the state in allowing rifle hunting for deer and bear, including the adjacent counties of Wyoming, Allegany, Steuben, and Ontario, where big game hunting with rifles is already permitted.

“Outdoor sportsmen are an invaluable part of our local economy and way of life. Active outdoorsmen support our small businesses, are devoted environmental stewards, and serve as important examples of responsible firearm usage. Allowing rifle hunting will further enhance Livingston County economically and keep local rifle hunters from having to travel into neighboring counties to hunt,” said Senator Young.

“This law allows Livingston County to join neighboring counties in the use of rifles for big game hunting, which is important both recreationally and economically. It is good news for the thousands of sportsmen and sportswomen throughout the state and the many nonresidents who come to New York every year to hunt,” said Senator Gallivan.

“Ivan Davis and all the hunters of Livingston County who worked for this legislation should be proud of what they accomplished. Livingston County will receive the benefit of additional tourism dollars from hunters. Our county will see more outdoor recreation opportunities. It's a win-win for hunters and taxpayers,” said Assemblyman Bill Nojay.

Authorization of rifle hunting was requested by the Livingston County Board of Supervisors on behalf of county residents last year.

According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, hunting is among the most popular forms of wildlife recreation in New York State, with nearly 700,000 New Yorkers licensed to hunt and another 50,000 nonresidents hunting in New York State.

Rifle hunting for small game has been permissible in the county for many years, but big game was excluded and needed special legislation before it could be legalized.

As with other counties where rifle hunting is newly authorized, the law will have a two year trial period and sunset on October 1, 2016. If successful, as has been the case across the state, the legislature may then pass an extension for authorization to continue beyond that date.