Participants Needed For "Old McDonald Had a Farm" World Record Attempt at Allegany State Park

Record-Setting Crowd to Sing the Classic Nursery Rhyme at Sally Marsh Hootenanny this Saturday

ALLEGANY STATE PARK – For the past 42 summers and counting, visitors have always been able to count on a Hootenanny with Sally Marsh at Allegany State Park every Thursday evening. Each summer, scores continue to come out to the park’s Quaker Amphitheater to sing and dance as Sally plays her songs.

Now, loyal fans and park visitors can be a part of history by helping Sally set a record, according to Senator Catharine Young.

A former gym teacher from Salamanca, Sally Marsh has been the energetic driving force behind the popularity and longevity of the events, and at a special Hootenanny this Saturday afternoon, Sally will attempt to set a new milestone. At the Quaker Amphitheater, Sally will attempt to go down in the Guinness Book of World Records with the largest ever gathering to sing “Old McDonald Had A Farm.” It will take 333 people to break the current record.

“Sally’s Hootenannies are a great summer tradition. The wholesome family fun that Sally and all the volunteers bring adds something special for the visitors to the state park and strengthens the fabric of our community. I am excited to be participating in Saturday’s event, which will bring people together in a record-breaking way,” said Senator Catharine Young.

“Thank you to everyone who has put in the hard work and all the sponsors and donors whose generosity has made this possible,” said Sally. “This will be a great day for the park. Families are coming together, and people that haven't been able to visit the park in recent years are going to be able to relive old memories.”

“This is going to be a great event and an expression of our gratitude to the families and children that have come out to the Hootenannies over the years,” said Jo Patterson of Frewsburg, a fellow volunteer who has helped organize the event. “We know that Allegany State Park is the gem of the Southern Tier, and this is our way of letting everyone else know that too.”

T-shirts are being produced and distributed in promotion of the record attempt, and it has been publicized throughout the area. It may be several months before officials from the Guinness World Record Association are able to declare whether or not the record has been officially broken, but organizers are hopeful that a new record will be set.

For those wishing to be part of the record-breaking bid, registration will be open from 11AM to 2PM outside the Quaker Amphitheater on Saturday. The song is set to begin at 3PM and last for at least 30 minutes in order to qualify as a new record.

“This event is a wonderful opportunity to promote the park to both local residents and people coming in from out of town,” said Senator Young. “We are fortunate to have such a beautiful park, and Sally deserves a great deal of credit for her devotion over the years.”