Raising gas taxes ?!? Unbelievable !

Catharine Young

May 05, 2008


Do you think gas prices are too high? I do.

Just when you thought your budget couldn't take another hit, the former Governor proposed raising gasoline taxes in his budget.

He wanted to eliminate the cap on gasoline sales taxes we won in 2006 and put an adjustable tax on gasoline, tied to national gas prices, that will raise the tax by up to 5 percent per year. That's going to raise the price at the pump!

People throughout the Southern Tier are plenty concerned about rising gas prices. In our area, we depend on our cars and trucks to get to work, school, and the store. Along with his proposed 300 percent hike in car insurance fees (from $5 to $20 per car) taxes and fees are hurting upstate motorists.

I am going to continue to fight higher gas taxes.  Please sign my petition against the gas price hike, and I'll keep you informed on the fight against this proposal.  Just click right here.

You can also watch the Senate's "First Look" the proposal by clicking this LINK.