Senate Advances Term Limits Proposal

Catharine Young

April 26, 2017

Legislative leaders, committee chairs limited to eight-year

ALBANY – Leading by example, the State Senate has advanced legislation that would set into law limits for leadership positions in the Legislature.

Senator Catharine Young (R,C,I- 57th District) has voted for Senate Bill 1229, which would limit the tenure of legislative leaders and committee chairs to no more than eight-years.

“The Republican Senate Majority has passed this important reform because it helps ensure trust in state government. The public deserves nothing less than the best from their elected officials. Term limits for leaders and committee chairs encourage new ideas and prevent one person from becoming too powerful,” said Senator Young.

“We have passed this bill every year since 2013. Unfortunately, the Assembly’s New York City leadership has yet to join us in enacting this initiative. It is a great reform and I am hopeful that this is the year it will get done,” Senator Young said.

Since 2009, the Senate’s rules have limited the Temporary President of the Senate, majority and minority leaders, and committee chairs to eight years. However, these restrictions have been voluntarily implemented and are only set by resolution. Adoption in both houses of the bill passed by the Senate would make these rules permanent in law for both the Senate and Assembly.

The bill has now been Assembly for action.