Senate Budget Adds $ 1.8 Billion in School Aid

Catharine Young

April 09, 2008

The enacted 2008-09 budget passed by the Senate includes $493,352,692 million in education aid for the 57th Senate District and creates a fair and equitable funding formula that delivers important State resources to every New York school district. This increase provides over $1.8 billion in new statewide school aid funds and represents the largest school aid increase ever in the history of New York State.

School districts throughout the Senator Young’s district, would receive a total school aid increase on average of 8.34% under the budget.

"This year we fought for this historic increase to ensure that our children have access to the resources necessary to excel in an increasingly competitive world," said Senator Young. "School districts face spiraling energy and maintenance costs which place them under enormous amounts of pressure to raise property taxes. This funding will give them the flexibility to keep their budgets balanced and avoid raising taxes, which are already too high, on overburdened taxpayers."

In addition to a record increase in school aid, Senate Republicans rejected a plan to shift $46 million in additional costs to school districts. This increased mandate would have added onto the local property tax burden.

"The Senate's education budget will provide school districts with a fair, transparent and predictable school aid program that balances the needs of students and taxpayers," Senator Young said. "The State is facing tough financial times and, while we are working to reduce spending on the government bureaucracy, the education of our children is too important an investment to scale back."

This budget continues $5 billion dollars in property tax relief through the STAR program and property tax rebates, prevents new cost shifts and adds significantly to school aid. All of our efforts will help limit local property taxes," she said.

School Aid in 57th Senate District

Livingston County - $38,997,811
Chautauqua County - $205,054,939
Cattaraugus County - $153,365,837
Allegany County - $96,110,105