Senate Republicans Include Funding for Pothole and Road Repairs in State Budget

Catharine Young

March 30, 2014

For Release: Immediate, March 30, 2014

            ALBANY - Record road repair funds to help local governments, including a new $40 million “Extreme Weather Assistance” pothole fund, were added successfully to the state budget by Senate Republicans, according to Senator Catharine Young (R,C,I-57th District).

            The extra transportation money was included by lawmakers in response to the unusually harsh winter which has seriously damaged roads. The pothole funding is on top of the popular Consolidated Highway Improvement Program (CHIP) which was brought to a record $438 million to help municipalities afford much-needed road maintenance.

            “Every day I hear from travelers who are upset about rough roads and the potholes that are just about everywhere. The extreme freezing and thawing cycles have heaved up pavement and caused deep craters. Poor road conditions can be a contributing factor in car crashes and can cause expensive damage to vehicles. It is a serious safety and pocketbook issue,” Senator Young said.

            The pothole fund will be distributed under the same formula as the CHIP dollars, according to Senator Young.

            The budget also includes capital road and bridge funds totaling $3.7 billion statewide.

            “It has been a battle to secure road and bridge funding for Western New York. Our region was significantly shorted in 2009-10 when Senate Republicans were in the minority and New York City legislators controlled all of state government. We have made tremendous progress in making up for lost funds since Republicans are back in the Senate majority, and there are several formula adjustments in the budget that make up for inequities,” Senator Young said.

            “These capital dollars will enhance our infrastructure, grow jobs and boost our economy,” Senator Young said.