Senate Republicans Reject Governor’s Health Care Cuts

Catharine Young

March 23, 2007


The New York State Senate Republicans today voted to reject massive health care cuts to
proposed by Governor Spitzer in his Executive Budget that would have taken more than $1.2 billion from hospitals and nursing homes across the State.

Senate Democrats unanimously supported the Governor's health care budget that would cut millions of dollars from hospitals and nursing homes in their districts.

Following the rejection of the Governor’s health care budget cuts, the Senate approved a health care budget resolution that includes a net restoration of $544 million for Medicaid and health programs, including restoring $241.1 million for hospitals and $230.4 million for nursing homes to ensure people’s access to care. Senate Democrats voted against the resolution restoring health care cuts.

The Senate health care budget resolution will be submitted to budget conference committees as part of the public State budget negotiations.