Senator Young Expresses Opposition to Public Campaign Financing

New York State Senator Catharine Young (R,C,I -57th District) today announced her opposition to Governor Cuomo’s call for the Democrat majorities in the State Senate and Assembly to pass legislation creating a taxpayer-funded campaign finance system in New York State.

“In New York City, the public financing of campaigns has become a cauldron of corruption. Bill de Blasio, John Liu, Malcolm Smith and Albert Alvarez are just a few of the city politicians whose campaigns have used this corrupt system to their advantage,” said Senator Young.

“Those are just the tip of the iceberg - a quick Google search reveals news articles detailing hundreds of public campaign violations in recent years. The Campaign Finance Board created to oversee and enforce the system is rife with abuse. The notion that replicating this corrupt bureaucracy on a statewide scale would somehow bring integrity to the campaign process is ludicrous.”

Currently, New York State is projected to have a $500 million budget deficit in the forthcoming fiscal year. Modeled after New York City’s public financing system, legislation passed by the State Assembly and sponsored by Democrats in the State Senate would cost taxpayers more than $200 million.

When Democrats controlled both chambers of the State Legislature in 2009-10, they raised 123 state taxes and fees and increased both taxes and spending by $14 billion.  These tax and fee increases cost middle-class families more than $5,000 a year.

“The Democrats’ plan is deja vu all over again,” said Senator Young. “We have a projected budget deficit for next year and a slowing stock market that will only make the deficit worse. Last time, the Democrats devastated taxpayers with their radical tax and spend policies. Now, they’re planning to do it again.”

As the Ranking Republican Member on both the State’s Elections and Ethics Committees, Senator Young plans to use the committee review process to raise awareness and marshall public opposition to the Democrats’ plan.