Senator Young Passes “Textbook Access Act”

Catharine Young

June 24, 2008

Bill would protect college students from excessive textbook costs

Students strapped with hefty college expenses will get a break on textbooks, thanks to legislation passed in the State Senate, and supported by Senator Catharine Young.The “Textbook Access Act” puts an end to unfair practices such as book bundling, and creates a more fiscally-sensible market for college textbooks.

 “Families have a tough time affording college, and textbook costs have escalated, making it ever harder.  Students need relief, and our bill is a common-sense approach that requires transparent marketing and affordable course material,” Senator Young said.

 “College opens the door for career paths and economic revitalization.  Ensuring reasonable textbook costs allows more people to earn their degrees,” she added.

The bill has been sent to the Assembly for passage, and Governor Paterson is expected to sign it into law.