Senator Young: "Proposed Budget Taxes Too Much and Spends Too Much"

Catharine Young

January 22, 2008

"Gov. Spitzer said repeatedly ‘no new taxes,’ yet his budget proposal raises taxes and fees by a jaw-dropping nearly $2 billion. He taxes too much and spends too much. He also doesn’t deliver on his promise to revive the Upstate economy or provide property tax relief. His priorities are totally misplaced," said Sen. Catharine Young (R,I,C-Olean).

"His plan hikes taxes on people who buy homes, own homes, drive cars, pay health insurance, and own a small business. His spending is two-and-a-half times the rate of inflation. His talk about the Upstate economy was smoke and mirrors because the actual budget calls for investing and bridges and parks. That money would be invested anyway, but it doesn’t address the core economic issues. We need to help businesses grow and create jobs," she said.

"While a commission to study property tax relief is a nice idea, our families need more relief now. His commission delays a recommendation by several months and totally misses the state budget cycle. While Democrats and Republicans in Washington want to give taxpayers rebates, the Governor wants to take them away.

"He also wants to sell the Lottery to provide for colleges, but his budget cuts vital resources to public colleges and universities, and fails to give help so families can afford to send their children to college. The Governor’s proposal could actually drive up costs and tuition," she said.

"We are still analyzing the local impact on schools and hospitals, but we know for a fact he has the Great Valley Youth Facility in his sights for closure. These areas need to be fixed," she said.

"As Senate Agriculture Chair, I am deeply troubled by his slashing of agriculture. He cut wine and grape, dairy, apple and maple programs. That hurts our farmers locally and across the state," she said.

"The Senate will work to reprioritize the budget, stop tax hikes, provide tax relief, improve the economy, restore agriculture and help families afford college tuition. These are the issues that concern our families and we need to deliver results for them," Sen. Young said.