Senator Young Ranked as Top “Pro-Jobs Supporter” by State Business Council

Catharine Young

November 14, 2011

ALBANY – The Business Council of New York State has lauded Senator Catharine Young as one of the top pro-jobs supporters in the state legislature as part of its 2011 Voters’ Guide.

Senator Young was recognized for working to adopt several jobs and economic growth measures and reforms that were signed into law.

“With Governor Cuomo’s leadership, and a responsive legislature, we saw real fiscal reform, spending restraint, and progress on economic development initiatives,” said Heather Briccetti, acting-president and CEO of The Business Council.

Senators and Assembly members were rated for their stance on 11 two-house bills considered by The Business Council to have a significant impact, either positive or negative, on New York’s economic climate, according to Ms. Briccetti.

Senator Young said, “There is no more urgent need than jobs and a vibrant economy. The steps we took this year are helping to turn our state around by improving our competitiveness, getting people back to work, and having career opportunities so our young people don’t have to leave after they graduate. It’s a terrific start, and I will continue to push for other reforms.”

Some of the pro-job growth initiatives that were rated include the new property tax cap that limits property tax cap increases to two percent or less; a reduction of Medicaid spending by $2.8 billion and a cap on future Medicaid expenditures; Recharge NY, a permanent program to reduce energy costs and taxes on small businesses and manufacturers; and enhancements to the Excelsior Jobs Program to expand tax credits for the creation of new private sector jobs.

“We look forward to working with representatives on both sides of the aisle to help create and retain jobs in the Empire State,” said Ms. Briccetti.

She said the Business Council’s priorities for 2012 will include implementing more mandate relief, and reducing tax and regulatory costs on small businesses and manufacturers.

The Business Council is the leading business organization in the state, representing large and small firms. Its membership is made up of thousands of companies, as well as local chambers of commerce and professional and trade associations.