Senator Young Reminds Volunteer Firefighters & Ems to Claim Tax Credit

Catharine Young

March 07, 2008


State Senator Catharine M. Young, (R,I,C - Olean) today reminded volunteer firefighters and emergency service personnel to take advantage of a partial exemption against their property taxes for providing their essential services in their respective communities.

Currently, there are approximately 130,000 volunteer firefighter and emergency personnel in New York State. Many municipalities in New York also offer a partial exemption against their property taxes, but emergency service personnel cannot take both and must choose between the local or state exemption. In many cases, the state tax credit is significantly more than the local exemption.

"In order to encourage more of New York's residents to join their local volunteer fire and ambulance departments. I fought to include a $200 tax credit for Volunteer Firefighters and Emergency Personnel in the 2006 state budget. The credit which became effective last year is for volunteer EMS and firefighters who don’t already receive the local property tax exemption."

"Our volunteer firefighters and emergency medical personnel do an extraordinary job each and everyday saving lives and property, while also saving taxpayer dollars. This new income tax credit is a small token of appreciation in recognition of their sacrifice and hard work."

According to the Department of State and the Office of Fire Prevention and Control, NYS Department of Taxation and Finance has issued Form IT-245 in order to claim the $200 income tax credit for service with a Volunteer Ambulance Corps or Volunteer Fire Department on the upcoming April 15th income tax filing deadline.

You can download the form by clicking here.   Form IT-245

If you would like to request a informational brochure called "Benefits & Incentives For Volunteer Emergency Personnel, click the below link and fill out the contact form.