State Legislators Outline State Commitment to Olean

Catharine Young

March 02, 2006


The City of Olean’s annual state revenue sharing has gone up 79% since 1995 and would increase $182,549 under the Governor’s proposal, totaling about $1.8 million this year, according to Senator Catharine Young and Assemblyman Joseph Giglio.

A total of more than $14 million has gone to Olean over the past ten years.

"The State has had a strong commitment to communities such as Olean and I’m striving to strengthen funding by increasing aid," said Senator Young. "We’re working through the state budget process right now and our goal is to ensure Olean gets a boost. We want to be as helpful as possible," she added.

"As municipalities around the state are incurring budget shortfalls, I am being asked to assure that the state responds to these localities by increasing support in the state budget to provide relief to the local Taxpayer," said Assemblyman Giglio. "The Assembly and the Senate are listening to Olean and other municipalities, and we are trying to provide the help our communities need while working within the framework of the budget process."

Olean Mayor David Carucci met with Senator Young and Assemblyman Giglio in Albany earlier this week during a New York Conference of Mayors (NYCOM) gathering.

Olean also has received small cities aid and various other state grants over the past ten years.