Statement From Sen. Young on Deficit Reduction Plan

Catharine Young

December 03, 2009

           “I entirely agreed with the Governor that tough decisions had to be made.  We had to take action to address the budget crisis before the state runs out of money, but in many ways, I was disappointed by the bill that was put on the floor.  

            In some areas it went too far, and in others it didn’t go far enough.  It cut programs for people with disabilities, community colleges and libraries when it wasn’t necessary. 

            Upstate Senators had a plan that would have kept those entities whole, but also would have cut a billion dollars more in spending by reducing state bureaucracy, and stopping the expansion of Medicaid programs that the state simply cannot afford. 

            The state got in this mess because of the disastrous tax and spend budget that I strongly opposed earlier this year.  You could see this train wreck coming from a mile away.      

            The bottom line is that we need to roll back the unaffordable tax hikes that were put on the backs of our hardworking taxpayers, and put in place a spending cap to stop Albany’s out-of-control spending binges.  That’s the only way to grow the economy and more jobs.”